Roaming the Streets of Naples, Italy

May 21-25, 2024

Street Photography in lively, crazy Napoli

With the American photographer, Italy connoisseur and Italian speaker John McDermott

Street Photography | Travel Photography

- This Workshop is in English -

Do you want to boost your confidence for street photography? Have you often had that feeling when you’re in interesting places with your camera and see moments and scenes that you wanted to capture with your camera – but didn’t dare to try?


 At the Street Photography Workshop in Naples with the American professional photographer John McDermott, who speaks fluent Italian, you will learn to overcome the fear threshold, to approach people and to photograph them with confidence. You’ll practice training your eye for the small scenes of daily life constantly unfolding around you in the vibrant and chaotic city life of Naples.


Internationally-renowned photographer John McDermott knows and loves Naples and knows Italy, its culture and history well. He has a knack for breaking the ice with strangers on the street, which has opened many doors, whether it’s being able to take portraits of interesting people on the street or gaining access to places that would otherwise remain closed. He will share with you in Naples his experience and knowledge from forty years of working as a photographer for international companies, media and sports institutions.




Video Slideshow – Fotos by © John McDermott

Exploring Naples – Here is what we do

We will explore different neighborhoods in Naples, like Spaccanapoli, the Quartieri Spagnoli, Rione Sanità, Vomero, Chiaia and Lungo Mare and even descend into an ancient underground part of the city.

In the evening we will have dinner together in selected restaurants tested by us and we will talk about photography and about the day’s experiences.

During the workshop, you’ll work under John’s guidance every day but there will also be select stretches of time to roam the streets of Naples on your own.

There will also be time built in for image editing and for one-on-one feedback sessions with John plus a group presentation session at the end so that everyone can have the opportunity to share experiences and their results with the other participants.

What do we learn?

Street life portraits

Neapolitans are incredibly friendly, helpful and eager to communicate. “Taking pictures is not just about using your camera. It is also about talking to people,” says John. The American photographer speaks easily with people in fluent Italian and gains access to people or locations that you might not have expected. Above all, John will help participants become more confident in their photography and in their interactions with people in the streets.


Recognizing Moments

During our daily photo walks, John will explain to you what catches his attention in a particular location and motivates him to raise his camera, the difference between “hunting” and “fishing” approaches when it comes to street photography and his technical choices about things like framing, lens focal length and aperture and shutter speed settings and post-production options and choices.


Panning – capturing the speedy vespas

The fast pace on the streets, the infinite number of Vespas constantly crisscrossing or also driving the wrong way on one-way streets (street signs here seem to be be taken as “suggestions” rather than absolute rules, and the same goes for the law regarding helmets), the cars in navigating crowded narrow streets and the crowds of people – offer themselves for dramatic or impressionistic slow shutter speed and panning shots.


Night photography

Life on the streets goes on long into the night. The city is like a twenty-four hour street theater. The people in many neighborhoods of Naples have little space in their homes and often sit outside in front of their entrances, in the many bars and restaurants that are open late, or just strolling along the waterfront. All this leads to a lively nightlife, which can be an interesting photographic challenge and opportunity.


Conscious observation

Street photography offers the opportunity to work on yourself as well. Consciously observe, interpret people, approach and engage with strangers, accept “no” when you have to, but always receive stories and photographs as the reward for your efforts.

You will learn to find your own voice and style in travel and street photography and improve your ability to capture and translate specific moments with your camera from the random and hectic street life of one of Italy’s and the world’s most interesting cities.



Impressions from the last Streetphotography Workshop in Naples

- photos by the participants -

What others say about the workshop with John

“Napoli is and remains unforgettable! What fun we had and incredible photo motifs!” – Karin Thaler


“This experience at the Naples Street Photography workshop had an enormous impact on me, just as the Summer Academy program from you guys has always been a huge enrichment for me.” – Manfred Görgens


“Streetphotography is easy in Naples. You just have to stand on the street corner, and something happens that you haven’t seen before – it’s just fascinating. And the people, even if they have very little, are full of warmth and contentment. This is so good to see. We had a great time in Naples!” – Karin Thaler


“Thank you, John for your reviews and critiques, the inspiration you give us and last but not least your patience. In John we have a mentor who has given and continues to give us professional feedback.” – Martin Eringer


photo © Heike Rost Photographie

About John McDermott

John McDermott is a photographer working worldwide who has photographed assignments in more than forty countries and at ten Olympic Games and eight FIFA World Cups during his 40-year career for international editorial, corporate and advertising clients.

Earlier brief careers as a soccer player, naval officer, and journalist led to his excellent ability to lead and motivate people and a passion that continues today to photograph sports, industry, urban landscapes, and portraits.

John is internationally known for his portrait and documentary work and for his sports photography. He has photographed major corporate executives, authors, artists and athletes, as well as everyday people, for a range of corporate and editorial clients. His subjects have included people like Steve Jobs, Queen Elizabeth II, Steffi Graf, Run DMC and David Beckham.

John says of his work that it is broadly diverse and that he is always looking, always seeking visual order in a complicated world.



Website John McDermott

Daily Schedule



We will be doing a lot of walking, and the cobblestones in Naples are huge and humpy. So, bring comfortable shoes.

We’ll send you some more information before the trip, a packing list and a Street Photography Checklist.

Remember, in Street Photography it is easier to work with “reduced” equipment to be able to act and react quickly and flexibly.





On the first day (late afternoon) we meet to get to know each other, introduction, explanations, preparation and will have dinner together.

We start the days with a good breakfast in our hotel and end the day with a dinner in restaurants selected and tested by us.

Each day is planned with visiting neighborhoods of the city, where the group works with tasks and assistance from John McDermott. In between, there will also be time to explore the streets on your own with your camera.

You will have time to review and edit your images.

You will also have one-on-one sessions with John to discuss and critique your pictures so you can move on the next day with new insights.

In the evening we will have dinner together in selected and tested restaurants (local cuisine) and discuss the results and experiences of the day and whatever else we love to exchange our thoughts on.



(photo © Manfred Görgens | Claudia Brose, John McDermott in Naples)



EURO 1495,-


Workshop Fee includes:

  • Full-day program
  • On-site photo review and feedback with John in 1:1 sessions
  • Post-Workshop Zoom meeting with all participants and John McDermott after the Naples trip. (Impressions and feedback will be exchanged and you can show a selection of your image results that will be discussed and presented in the group)
  • Public transportation (Metro, Funicolare, Taxi)


Not included in the price:

  • Hotel
  • Meals (Lunches, Dinners)
  • Travel costs to/from Naples / to/from the hotel
  • Museum entrance fees


Number of participants: max. 6




We will stay in a wonderfully hospitable, family-run hotel, which will take care of us with a lot of heart and friendship and it is situated in a quiet area very close to the water, which is a pleasant oasis after a day in noisy, crowded, jostling Naples.


Double room for Single use:  €140,- incl. breakfast


Hotel REX
Contact person: Linda
Via Palepoli, 12, 80132 Napoli
TEL: +39-0817649389


The rooms for the participants are already reserved by us – when registering for the workshop I will forward the hotel your name for one of the rooms. You can pay the hotel upon arrival.

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After receiving your registration we will send you an invoice (by email) with the amount of the deposit (€ 250,-).  Your written registration becomes valid with the receipt of the deposit on our account.



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