Carey Wagner

Carey is a documentary photographer, cinematographer and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Her focus is on complex in-depth issues and crisis reporting pertaining to women and human rights. The work is created with the hope of gaining a deeper understanding and empathy for others. With the humanitarian organization CARE, she produced an award-winning campaign connecting WWII refugees to Syrian refugees called Letters of Hope.

As an International Reporting Project fellow she covered gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea and women and Islam in Indonesia for clients including The New York Times and PRI The World. Carey has lived and photographed extensively throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Her clients have included The New York Times, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, CARE, and Sports Illustrated.

Carey’s background is in photojournalism, working ten years for newspapers in California and Florida, before going independent in 2011.

She often serves as a storytelling coach and mentor and was a Nikon School instructor traveling around the US for several years. Her teaching includes finding a personal style to approaching people with comfort and how to identify a story to tell through images.

She holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science and minor in Spanish from the University of California, Berkeley.

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