free your vision. Laugh, Wonder, Learn – Pure Photography.

Join us at the IF/SummerAcademy filled with experiences around photography
in an inspiring atmosphere at the historic Italian winery Alois Lageder. 


Learn how professionals think and see in images,
and convert them into amazing photographs.


Celebrate with passionate photographers a festival of photography
with a variety of workshops, inspiring discussions, feedback and picture shows.


Refresh your senses, your vision and your photographic creativity.


August 23-27, 2017 in Margreid on the South Tyrolean Wine Road
(25 min. south of Bolzano, 60 min north of Verona )

“It is the package that makes the SummerAcademy stand out: a blend of lots of photography, high-end instructors, exceptional location, high quality content, awesome group of people, fantastic local food, delicious wine, relaxed atmosphere, intensive exchange of ideas and the effort of all participants to help and inspire each other.” (Peter Lutz, participant 2016).



Why you should be part of the SummerAcademy:

Experiences not things enrich people

The SummerAcademy for photography is a true experience. You give yourself the gift of time to dive into photography and will be rewarded with creative results and improved skills along with making new friends.

We confront you with professional and goal oriented tools in an inspiring environment of an historic Italian winery. We help you to bridge the gap between picture ideas in your head and professional image results.

You expand your perspectives and way of thinking, improving your photography as well as your problem solving skills and creative thinking ability.

The results of your improvement will manifest itself in your pictures that you can even take home as fine art print outs.



Holistic Thinking. Unified Team.      

At the SummerAcademy we provide you with the entire process of photography – visual thinking, practicing various photographic themes, feedback sessions and critique as well as photo editing, printing of the workshop results and discussions about photography.

You learn with professionals who like to share their experience and knowledge. Amateur and professional photographers can exchange with like-minded peers, excellent instructors and editors in a variety of photo workshops, discussions, feedback sessions and evening talks.



A magical place

The family wine estate Alois Lageder in Margreid is located at the end of the wine road („Weinstrasse“) in Northern Italy’s South Tyrol region, about 25 Minutes outside the city of Bolzano. Some of the buildings date back to the 13th century. They have only been gently renovated, to keep the original patina and its unique charm.

The programs of the SummerAcademy including the ALPA use the historic palazzo, the patio and the granary. They are perfect subjects for photographic work. At the same time the wine estate does not only stand for medieval and rural architecture, but also for high quality wine making. Modern designed industry buildings are a strong contrast to the historic part of the estate and also a great photo opportunity. The landscape is just stunning and provides us with wine and tasty food.


“Besides all the beautiful pictures I created, I leave filled with insightful conversations and new perspectives.” (Anneliese Breitner, participant 2016)


„The location is unique. Combined with a relaxed atmosphere and high quality of the instructors and participants you have a great experience.” (Georg Dresel, participant 2016)

What the participants say….

„The SummerAcademy offers valuable suggestions and feedback far flung from the usual technical discussions.“ (Michael von Bergner, participant 2016)


„The program is broad, diverse and very professional.”


„Within 4 days you get a variety of impulses on a very high, creative and also technical level.“ (Volker Bellersheim, participant 2015 and 2016)

„I experienced the SummerAcademy as a very welcoming community.” (Anneliese Breitner, participant 2016)


„This was the best event I have been to in the past 20 years.“ (Christian Börner, participant 2015 and 2016)

The Program…

  • Wednesday August 23rd 2017:
    we start with a Meet&Greet at 5.30pm, to meet and get to know each other over Prosecco and South Tyrolean finger-food (enough to fill you) and music, introduce the instructors and give information about the coming days.
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday (August 24-26th):
    are filled all day with workshops and evening dinner, picture show of the day, night photography (one night), Kai Pfaffenbach (known documentary and sports photographer of the news agency Reuters) talking about his international experiences.
  • Saturday night: we have a final dinner party with a moderated picture show.
  • Sunday morning (August 27th):
    presentation of how to photograph with the old ambrotype technique, with a 2 meter wooden camera from 1907, creating pictures on glass sheets. Photographer Kurt Moser will give a presentation of this process 


The program experience:

  • Daily workshops with a variety of top instructors
  • Presentations and discussions to inspire thinking about photography, photo editing and how we deal with photography
  • Daily feedback sessions with picture discussions. Train your eyes. Discussing results oft he daily workshops – straightforward and ingenuous.
  • Portfolio Reviews – individually or in a small group with professional photographers or photo editors. How can I improve? Accept critique. Think out of the box. Challenge the status quo.
  • Printing – At the SummerAcademy we have the famous clothes line…..Every day selected images from the workshops will be printed by professional fine art printer and FineArtPrinter magazine publisher Hermann Will. The clothes line with photographs has become the go-to place to look at results and discuss pictures with your peers.
  • Wine tasting and tour of the winery.
  • We enjoy fantastic food from the winery bistro made with fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.
  • If your partner/spouse accompanies you, we can provide you with ides for enjoying the nature, culture and sport activities in the region.
  • Final dinner with a 3 course menu, wine and a picture show showcasing the results of the workshops and behind the scenes, moderated by a top picture editor.






The Workshops…

Three workshops are in English, the others are in German.
All Workshops are hands on, practical workshops. The instructors of the German language workshops all speak very good English and can, in the process of their practical workshops, help and guide English speaking participants.




Images that speak – professional documentary photography with Carey Wagner
–  This workshop is in English  –

What is the secret of a photo reportage or documentary? The images have to tell the viewer a rich and full story. Carey is a photojournalist based in NY and has documented stories in the Caribbean, Latin America, USA, Asia Pacific and Asia, reporting on issues such as elections in Kashmir, food shortage in Haiti or child marriage in Nepal. As a photographer she takes on a certain role and perspective from which the story is told. In her workshops she includes finding a personal style to approaching people with comfort and how to identify a story to tell through images. How do you approach documentary or reportage photography, build up the storyline, create the content and develop a fascinating body of images? The workshop group will move through the town of Bolzano. –



At the edges of speed ­­– Motocross Photography –  mit John McDermott
–  This workshop is in English  –

The American photographer John McDermott covers since decades large-scale sports events worldwide where it is important to capture movements in a variety of ways. The combination of action, tension and important moments in the course of action as well as aesthetics and environment, have to be synchronized and harmoniously conveyed in the image. During the photo workshop in the nearby motocross park John will share his experience and practice with the participants how to capture unforeseen athletic movements in a precise and convincing fashion.

John McDermott is an American-born photographer internationally recognized for both his portrait work and his sports photography. He has photographed CEO’s of major corporations, authors, artists and athletes, as well as everyday working people, for a long list of corporate and editorial clients. Over the past thirty years his clients have sent him to more than forty countries, ten Olympics and eight FIFA World Cups.  –


People Photography with John McDermott
–  This workshop is in English  –

Photographing a person in motion. An athlete. How to capture the shot, the toss, the jump? How can we express sharpness, blur, dynamic, information or emotion? How to combine the different elements to express a perfect moment or a story in one portrait? Successful portraits reveal the personality of their subjects. As a photographer you want to build a connection with the person you are photographing – even if he is a total stranger to you or you don’t speak his/her language. You need to respond to the person in front of the camera, pull him/her in, make him/her opening up to you.




Feedback Session and Portfolio Review with Rüdiger Schrader (and Thomas Gerwers)

This workshop consists of group and individual conversations with Rüdiger  who speaks fluent English.

Feedback is not easy to give and not easy to take. At the SummerAcademy we make it a point to discuss the pictures we take, share opinions and get honest feedback. How can I improve? How do I develop my photography further? Who is open for feedback and critique can improve his/her photography and dealings with photography. Looking at new perspectives, being able to listen and being open for unusual views are important aspects.

Participants have the opportunity to experience a feedback session and portfolio review (or review of the images taken at the SummerAcademy) with Rüdiger Schrader and Thomas Gerwers. Rüdiger is a photographer and former picture editor-in-chief for large German news magazines. Rüdiger has seen, evaluated and discussed thousands of pictures throughout his career and will be a helpful and insightful reviewer of your images. Thomas, who speaks fluent English, is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the leading German photography magazine ProfiFoto. He is also available for portfolio reviews.



Bianco e Nero, Black and White ­– with Ralph Rosenbauer

Depending on the participants this workshop is in German. – But this is a hands-on workshop and the instructor speaks fluent English

Black and white photography has the power to be an observation school for the eyes. „Seeing“ and focusing on black and white shots improves ones ability to work out the graphical and detailed aspects of an image. It becomes important to pay attention to the composition of a picture. In this workshop Ralph will guide the participants in the process of forming and creating an image in black and white as well as the possibilities you have to transform color images into black and white. Using the 13th century Italian palazzo of the historic winery Alois Lageder the participants have the opportunity to wander the historic building with its nooks, murals, old doors and stucco ceilings to capture amazing scenes in black and white.

Photography by Ralph Rosenbauer (on a different topic):



Classic cars with style – photographing a historic vehicle with Petra Sagnak

This workshop is held in German. – But this is a hands-on workshop and the instructor speaks fluent English

Petra Sagnak has been specializing in photographing classic automobiles with much love to the detail and to tell the story around the historic vehicle and its owners. In her workshop. The backdrop for this hands on workshop is the historic 13th century Italian palazzo and courtyard of the winery. Participants learn the basics of car photography and further more how to tell a story with images created around the oldtimer car with its details and in its setting. Change your perspective and enjoy the process of discovering and capturing the beauty, forms and details of an historic vehicle. –



Perspectives turned upside down – working with drones / copters with Yuneec

Drone photography offers new ways of seeing, capturing perspectives and telling stories.

In this workshop there will be a theoretical part (in German) and a practical part working with Yuneec drones where you can learn and practice how to fly a drone and capture moments around the historic winery and its surrounding vineyards.





First think, then photograph – Visual thinking as a prerequisit for better images– with Rüdiger Schrader

This workshop is generally in German and it is a classroom coaching session, no practical work with the camera. The instructor also speaks fluent English.

Rüdiger helps to create and formulate pictures and ideas in your head before going out to actually photograph. He coaches each participant through the thought process of imagining pictures as a base to find and capture images. Rüdiger demonstrates the impact of visual communication and visual thinking that leads to better results and more efficiency in not only photography but any other area. Rüdiger is photographer and certified coach and has been picture editor in chief for leading German magazines.


Don’t waste your lifetime – fast picture editing– mit Frank Werner

This workshop is generally in German, but the instructor speaks fluent English and has taught in the US.

Frank will demonstrate efficient ways to edit your pictures. After this workshop you are not wasting so much time anymore on editing and saving your images, have better pictures and more time for photography. Participants can work on their own pictures (we recommend you bring your laptop). How do you prepare your pictures for printing? How do you deal with the data volume? How can you correct each picture individually yet be able to do this is an efficient manner so you edit about a 1.000 pictures in 3-4 hours?

We also have a fine art printer specialist at the SummerAcademy who will print selected images in high quality performance.





















Our Partners

One last step…..

Secure your spot and tell your photography enthusiastic friends about this event!

Join us from August 23 – 27, 2017

Here is a summary of what is included in the package:

  • Daily choice of different workshops
  • Learning from four professional photographers
  • Feedback about your pictures
  • Portfolio review
  • Welcome party (Prosecco, wine and local food)
  • Guided Tour through the estate, including wine tasting
  • Lunch and dinner (in the estate)
  • Coffee and water (in the workshop)
  • Final dinner (three course menu, wine)
  • Shuttle bus (between your hotel and Lageder estate)
  • High quality prints of a selection of your favorite pictures in large format
  • Safe room for your equipment
  • Inspiration, Inspiration and more Inspiration
  • Interaction with other photographers and professionals in the photo scene


The package costs EURO 1.896,-

(The Price does not include travel, lodging or alcoholic beverages, except the wine at dinner) — For hotel suggestions please go here: >>>

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